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Used ABS - pumps from car breakers

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What is an ABS pump?

The ABS pump is a safety device that controls the braking system by keeping the brakes from locking up. When you press on the brakes, the pump senses the pressure and uses hydraulic fluid to keep the brakes from locking. The pump helps to reduce skidding by keeping the wheels from losing traction and it also distributes the pressure evenly so that all of the wheels are able to stop at the same time.

ABS pump

To understand what an ABS pump is, it is important to understand the system to which the pump belongs.

The ABS pump is part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), which are installed in most cars driving on the roads. The system usually consists of four components:


1) some sensors that monitor the car’s wheel speed and grip.

2) a valve system that determines how much the brakes tighten around the wheels

3) an ABS pump which supplies pressure to regulate the brakes

4) a control unit which analyzes the information from the sensors and tells the ABS pump how much pressure to apply or take off from the braking


Why is the ABS pump important?

The ABS pump is a central part of the safety system, which ensures that the braking time is as short as possible. In addition, the ABS co-works with ASR (anti-skid unit), so the car has a firm grip on the road.

In Denmark for instance, it is mandatory for new vehicles to be equipped with a so-called ESP system (electronic stability program system), which often includes an anti-lock braking system.

Thus, it is a great safety concern that the ABS of the vehicle is functioning well, and in this matter the ABS pump is as essential as the other parts of the system.


Symptoms of poor ABS pump

There are various symptoms that your ABS pump may need to be replaced.

Some cars have a dashboard safety lamp that tells you if something is wrong with the anti-lock braking system.

If your brake pedal does not respond normally or your brakes activate themselves while driving, it may also mean that you need to look for a new (or used) ABS pump.

Another indicator may be that the dashboard shows a speed of rotation of the wheels that does not match the reality.


Renovation or replacement

When it comes to hydraulic braking systems, it may sometimes be enough to renovate the parts of the system.

The valves that adjust the pressure in your anti-lock braking system can also be the cause of your problem if they are clogged.

If you get a mechanic to replace your ABS pump, he will know if another pump is really needed or whether the problem can be solved by a refurbishment.


A used ABS pump can last a long time

The life of ABS pumps is usually at least the same lifetime, as the lifetime of the car itself.

Consequently, you may find used ABS pumps cheap for sale in the market, which may still last decades.

If you choose to buy a used spare part, it is important that your dealer has a basic knowledge of ABS pump standards so that pump replacement does not compromise safety.


The right ABS pump

If you are looking for used spare parts, the easiest solution is to enter your vehicle registration number on autoparts24. Then you will see an indicative list of ABS pumps.

You can also find the original number engraved in your ABS pump and search my means of that number.

Autopart24 always sells original car parts. This makes it easier to find the right replacement for your vehicle, but spare parts from external manufacturers can also work.


Can I replace my ABS pump myself?

Depending on your vehicle, replacing the abs pump is a relatively simple process. The pump can contain hydraulic fluid, and it is important that the fluid is removed from other parts after replacement.



If you did not get answers to all your questions in the article, we have summarized some answers to any questions here, if you have problems with your anti-lock braking system.

What is an ABS pump?

An ABS pump, or ABS unit, is one of the four parts that make up the anti-lock braking system, which is standard equipment in almost all cars produced after the mid-eighties.

How does an ABS pump work?

The ABS pump ensures that the automatic anti-lock braking system has enough air pressure to adjust the braking if one or more of the wheels are completely blocked during braking.

In other words, it is the ABS pump which, on order from the ABS sensors and the control unit, ensures that the braking remains under control.


When to replace an ABS pump?

Four indicators that your ABS pump should be replaced:

  • If the ABS emergency light is activated on the dashboard
  • If the dashboard indicates a wheel rotation that does not match the reality
  • If the brake pedal requires more pressure than usual to operate
  • If the brakes lock while driving


How much does a new ABS pump cost?

Prices of ABS pumps vary according to the model of the car. The price of a new ABS pump fluctuates between 200-950 EUR, while a used ABS pump can be found for less than half the price.

A new ABS pump for a VW Golf V with diesel engine would cost around 400 EUR – a used original part can be found at a price of 135 EUR.


How do I find the right ABS pump for my car?

At Autoparts24 it will usually be enough to enter the car’s license plate to find the right spare part for your car.

There are several informing tips to find at so you don’t end up with a used spare part that doesn’t fit your vehicle.


How much does ABS pump replacement cost?

Replacement of ABS pump usually takes less than one hour, and with a price fluctuating between 40 EUR and 135 EUR, it is best to get a fixed price for the replacement by contacting your car repair shop.


When did the ABS pump come on cars?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) was first launched in the early 70’s and it was already more or less standard with ABS for vehicles from the mid 80’s.

New cars sold in Denmark always have ABS.


How Do I Find Out If My Car Has ABS Pump?

Most modern car models use an anti-lock braking system which includes an ABS pump. The easiest is to look in the car manual, which can also be found online.


Where is the ABS pump?

The ABS pump sits in the hydraulic unit with the pressure sensor, which inter alia monitors the connection between the brake pedal, the anti-lock braking system and the brakes. The hydraulic unit is usually located near the main cylinder.


How long does the ABS pump last?

Usually, all the components of your ABS block have the same lifetime as that of the car itself.


What do I need to replace the ABS pump?

When replacing your ABS pump, you only need a wrench kit and the right spare part.

Depending on the parts you need to remove to replace the ABS pump, it’s a simple process.

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