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Car door


The car door itself is one of the spare parts that very rarely needs to be replaced due to wear and tear.

If you have an accident that damages the car door more than just a few scratches in the paint, it can sometimes be worth it to replace the door itself, as most used car doors cost less than 135 EUR and the replacement itself is a simple process.

If you make sure leave the door by a car recycler so that the parts that work are recycled, this is of course when it comes to climate protection – not the worst solution either.

Depending on the type of damage, however, it may be that the best and cheapest solution would be to ask your mechanic for a repair quote.

Car Door – Do It Yourself

If you have do-it-yourself DNA or do-it-yourself dreams, there can of course be money to save. On the internet you can find various guides to solve the problems yourself, if you have the right spare parts and the right tools.

For example, here is a guide to fixing / adjusting the crooked door if it is the hinges, and not the door itself that has gone out of shape:

Electrical circuit

Unlike the door itself and the interior lining, the power circuit, which is the lifeblood of your central locking system, will usually end up needing a replacement at some point because it is used as frequently as it does.

It will typically be a job for your mechanic.

Car window replacement

If you want a professional to replace your car window, it will typically cost you between 250 to 400 EUR.

There are various do-it-yourself instructions for replacing car windows on YouTube if you have the courage to install a new window in the car door.

Here’s an English-language video guide for replacing page panes:

Replacement of insulation strip

For most people, the replacement of the insulation list is do-it-yourself friendly.

1) Remove the rubber strips to be replaced and make sure no glue / rubber residue is left on the door itself.

2) Measure and cut the new rubber strips. Rather make the piece too long, than too short, to begin with. You can find used, well-functioning insulation strips, at autoparts24 for between 70 to 135 EUR.

3) If the new strips are self-adhesive, simply press the strip firmly around the car door. Otherwise, use an adhesive that adheres to the metal and the material the list is made of. Most often rubber.

Replacement of inner lining

Fortunately, we were able to find a English-language guide for replacing the interior door of the car door, – if you follow the link below, you can find a guide with pictures from page 56. % 20to% 20change 20insulation% 20car% 20door & f = false

Handle replacement

Replacement of the car door handle is straightforward. Usually, the handle is clamped to the door by philipshead screws, and the only piece of tool you need, is a suitable screwdriver.

Always be careful when disconnecting parts from your vehicle so that you do not damage other parts of the car in the process.

On autoparts24 most handles cost from 40 to 70 EUR, regardless of whether it is inside or outside. Almost half price, as compared to if you buy from new.


The prices of replacement parts for car doors vary depending on the part you are replacing.

If you have the time and desire to replace the parts yourself, we can help you with the right part for your car door, whether it is for right or left side, front or rear.

All our parts live up to the original quality standard and there is a 2 year period of right to claim for private customers, so even if you buy cheap spare parts for your car door, you are still guaranteed a good buying experience.

We have gathered a few key questions, in relation to the replacement or renovation of car doors below, if you did not get answers to your questions in the article.

When should a car door be replaced?

As a rule, the lifetime of a car door is as long as the lifetime of the car itself. It will primarily be in connection with road accidents that your car door is so damaged it needs be replaced.

If you have problems with rust or with the central lock on your car door, repair or renovation will usually be the best solution, but repairing and levelling a damaged car door will often cost just as much as a used spare part – approx. 135 EUR.

How much does a new car door cost?

A brand-new car door for a regular passenger car usually costs between 335 and 600 EUR, while a used original part can be found for less than 135 EUR at autoparts24.

As mentioned, the car door is a sturdy part in every respect (the plate itself, the car window, the interior lining and the electrical parts), so whether you buy new or used, it makes no big difference to the part’s lifetime.

You can also find the car door’s individual parts on autoparts24 – we have through our network of authorized car recyclers in Germany everything in used spare parts – from rubber strips and car windows to hinges and handles.

How do I find the right car door for my car?

At you can always find the right spare part via the vehicle license plate or VIN number. Just enter the number on autopart24’s homepage to find an indicative overview of all the spare parts we have in stock for your particular vehicle.

You can also find the spare part’s original production number on the car door itself or in your vehicle’s user manual.

When it comes to the car door, finding the right spare part is relatively simple. Especially if you replace original with a spare part from autoparts24, you can’t do wrong.

Of course, it is also possible to find a used spare part manufactured by a manufacturer other than the car manufacturer himself, but the price will often be the same, so why not make it as easy on yourself as possible?

How much does a car door replacement cost?

Replacing a car door is a relatively simple process.

The panels covering the electrical connection between the car door and the car battery are removed, the electrical connection is disconnected, and the car door is detached and removed from the hinges.

The price should not exceed 40 to 70 EUR, when replacing a single door.

What tool to use for car door replacement

If you want to replace the car door yourself, you simply use a screwdriver to remove the car door itself, and use suitable tools to remove the panels that protect the electrical connection between the car door and the car battery.

You may also need a solder kit, depending on how the car door is connected to the car’s electrical circuit.


Spare parts for sale of type by car brands

Our more than 120 car chippers now have more than 16583 pieces of the type for sale on Autoparts24 and here you can see how the used car parts are distributed for each car brand. E.g. you can see that there are 2371 pcs. for sale right now of the BMW brand, which is equivalent to 14 % of all used spare parts in the category.

Sold spare parts of the type by car makes

Based on our insight into more than 120 car chippers warehouses, we can see how the sales of spare parts of the type of rearview mirror are distributed among the car brands. E.g. you see that 0 pieces have been sold of the 35368 , which corresponds to 0 % of all used spare parts sold in the category 20

Prices on spare parts of the type

Here you can see how our car chipper sets the price of a spare part with the OEM number . So you have the opportunity to get an impression of the price of a spare part with OEM number , and thus become wiser about which car parts are cheap and expensive respectively. The average price of a spare part with OEM for sale on Autoparts24 is 999 EUR.

Prices of sold spare parts of the type

Here you can see the price of the spare parts of the type that our car breakers sell. I.e. you can estimate whether most parts are being sold at the cheap end or the expensive end of the scale. Compared to the graph above, showing the offer price of the spare parts, you can evaluate the relationship between supply and demand for the auto spare parts of the type sbr />
The average price of a spare part of the type from one of our car chippers on Autoparts24 is 1331 EUR

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