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How much does an ABS pump for Dacia Dokker cost?

An ABS pump for Dacia Dokker costs between 143,00 and 496,00 EUR*. A new ABS pump typically costs 200,00-496,00 EUR, and a used ABS pump costs 143,00-354,00 EUR.

What affects the cost of an ABS pump for Dacia Dokker?

The price depends on the condition, defects, and wear of the item, as well as whether the item is original.

How much does it cost to replace an ABS pump for Dacia Dokker?

Replacing an ABS pump for a Dacia Dokker typically costs between 14,00 and 81,00 EUR excluding parts.* This means that this price usually covers the labor required to do the job.

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Prices for AC boxes for Dacia Dokker

Here you can see how our car dismantlers have priced the spare parts in the category Ac box for Dacia Dokker. This means that you have the opportunity to gain insight into the price of a spare part of the type Ac box, and thereby learn which car parts are cheap and which are expensive.

The average price of a spare part of the type Ac box that fits Dacia Dokker for sale on Autoparts24 is 1622 EUR.

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