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Compare Salvage Prices on Used Transfer Gear Cases

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Transfer case

What is a Transfer Gear Case?

A transfer case is a gearbox located between the transmission and the drive axles in a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle. The transfer case transfers power from the engine to the front and rear axles. It also allows the driver to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. When the vehicle is in four-wheel drive, the transfer case evenly splits the engine's power between the front and rear axles. This helps the vehicle to maintain traction on slippery or uneven surfaces.

About the distributor gearbox itself, there is not much to say. It is a solid two-piece aluminum block that contains either a chain- or gear system that transmits and distributes the energy from the gearbox to the four-wheel drive.

The distribution gearbox consists as one unit of:

– the box itself (two parts, cast in aluminum – lightweight and sturdy)

– vibration dampers

– chain and sprockets (if chain driven, otherwise you will find in your distributor box a gear system without chain)

– oil pump

– front and rear wheel axles

– retaining rings

– nuts

Why is the distributor box important?

The distributor gearbox housing is, as I said, a robust spare part. It holds a powerful energy distribution system in place and protects the internal parts which ensure optimum use of energy.

Should the housing or internal parts fail, it may have an impact on other parts of the gear system because the system overwork or skew to compensate.

It is possible to compare the distributor gearbox with the gearbox itself, because in a four-wheel drive vehicle it is just as indispensable as the gearbox itself in relation to the distribution of energy, ensuring maximum energy yield and drag.

When should the distributor box be replaced?

Since the distributor gearbox is situated at the bottom of the car near the gearbox, it can be difficult to say with certainty whether it is the distributor gearbox which causes the problems, if you hear the rattling sounds from the bottom of your vehicle.

Some indicators that the distributor box is out of date may be:

– If your gear changes feel/sound less soft than usual

– If your four-wheel drive falls out of function by itself

– If there is a leak under your car, in the area where your distributor box is located

– If you can’t figure out why your ‘check engine’ lamp is lit on the dashboard

If you end up dismantling the distributor box yourself and the metal has become brittle or rusty, you should replace the housing.

It takes a little more technical knowledge to diagnose the oil pump or chain-/sprocket system.


Renovation or replacement

It is not always possible to tell in advance whether only some of the parts of the distributor gearbox need replacing.

When you or your mechanic gets the box removed and opened, it will be obvious if only some parts need replacing or if the housing of the distributor box itself is so worn out, that it needs to be replaced.

The right spare part

At, you can find available distributor gearbox that fits your car via license plate. Just enter the number in the search box on the homepage.

In addition, the production code for your car part is usually marked or engraved on the part itself. A look in the car manual can also help you find the right part – but as I said, all you need is your registration number if you buy at autoparts24.

On autoparts24 you have a month’s return right if it turns out that you have chosen the wrong distributor box.

Autopart24 always sells original car parts. This makes it easier to find the right replacement for your vehicle, but spare parts from external manufacturers can also work.

At you will find an extended guide on how to find the right spare part to save money on your spare part as smoothly as possible.

Replacement of distributor gearbox

At you will find a detailed guide on how to replace your distributor gearbox yourself.

The mechanics behind the article explain that the process is relatively straightforward, but that you will need special tools if you need to replace or remove the lock rings or bearings.

New / used distributor gearbox

When you buy a used distributor box through a licensed car dismantler, the price is the biggest difference between new or used spare parts.

There may be a price difference of 535 to 670 EUR when buying a distributor box if you use BMW’s four-wheel drive as an example.

Autopart24’s partners – primarily certified car dismantlers in Germany – ensure that there is always a wide range of well-functioning distributor boxes for sale.

What is a distributor gearbox – and how does it work?

The distributor gearbox is an extension of your gearbox and is only available for four-wheel drive vehicles.

The function of the distributor gearbox is to distribute and balance the energy supply from the gearbox and on to each of the four wheels of the car.

When should a distributor gearbox be replaced?

– If you hear clicking or scratching sounds from the bottom of your car.

– If your gear changes feel/sound less soft than usual

– If your four-wheel drive falls out of function by itself

– If there is a leak under your car, in the area where your distributor box is located

– If you can’t figure out why your ‘check engine’ lamp is lit on the dashboard

How much does a new distributor box cost?

A brand-new distributor gearbox can run up to 5,350 EUR (BMW F11 5.35i XD). As a rule, a used original part can be found between 270 to 1,350 EUR.


How do I find the right distributor box for my car?

At autoparts24 you can find the right distributor gearbox through your vehicle’s license plate.

It applies to a sea of ​​different used parts – you just enter the number of your license plate in the search box on the autoparts24 home page. Then you will see an indicative list of possible spare parts.

In your car manual, you can also find the specifications of your spare parts – in addition you can find the distributor box’s production number on the car part itself.

There are several good tips to find at so you don’t end up with a used spare part that doesn’t fit your vehicle.

How much does replacement cost?

The replacement usually costs around 335 EUR, but the price varies from mechanic to mechanic.

Here you can find a guide to replace the distributor box yourself: (this one is in Danish, but it is probably available in other languages ​​as well)

What tools do you need to change a distributor gearbox?

To remove the entire distributor box, use only the correct size wrench.

If you need to disassemble the box, e.g. to renovate, additional tools are needed – as mentioned in the link above.

How Do I find out if my car has distributor gearbox?

If your vehicle doesn’t have all-wheel drive (4WD), don’t worry for a second about distributor gearboxes. On the other hand, a distributor box can be found in most four-wheel-drive cars.

What is the lifetime of a distributor gearbox?

A distributor gearbox can perform up to 100,000 kilometers traveled. The lifetime varies depending on the terrain in which your four-wheel-drive vehicle is primarily used.

The box itself is usually made of solid aluminum, which is why the mechanical part of the internal parts is more often the problem.

Therefore, if your distributor gearbox needs replacement, you can safely buy used – as long as you buy your used spare parts from a dealer who has insight into distributor gearbox standards

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Our more than 120 car chippers now have more than 3512 pieces of the type for sale on Autoparts24 and here you can see how the used car parts are distributed for each car brand. E.g. you can see that there are 894 pcs. for sale right now of the VW brand, which is equivalent to 25 % of all used spare parts in the category.

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Based on our insight into more than 120 car chippers warehouses, we can see how the sales of spare parts of the type of rearview mirror are distributed among the car brands. E.g. you see that 0 pieces have been sold of the 1330 , which corresponds to 0 % of all used spare parts sold in the category 23

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Here you can see how our car chipper sets the price of a spare part with the OEM number . So you have the opportunity to get an impression of the price of a spare part with OEM number , and thus become wiser about which car parts are cheap and expensive respectively. The average price of a spare part with OEM for sale on Autoparts24 is 3863 EUR.

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The average price of a spare part of the type from one of our car chippers on Autoparts24 is 3581 EUR

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