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Door lock: what it does and how to troubleshoot and replace it

What is a door lock?

A car door lock is a structure attached to the front side of a car door and is used manually to open and close the car door. It makes the car secure and protects the individuals from the outside environment. The car door lock is most often attached to the window side of the vehicles.

What does it do?

The details of the car door lock are that it contains a latch used to open and close the car door. It is a physical part of the car which is attached to the actuator. The car’s latch goes up and downs according to the locking or unlocking of the car’s lock. Some car locks work automatically, which contains magnets or sensors for their locking.

The electronic car door lock contains a latch that receives the signals from the car key fob, which is transmitted to the actuator through the straight path and open the locks of vehicles.

How can you replace it?

The door lock of cars faces severe environmental conditions that can corrode them and affect their other parts, and then we need to replace them. The regular use of car locks also reduces its efficiency. The replacement of car locks consumes a few hours. It is replaced or repaired only by the expert automotive locksmith at a fair range of prices.

Things to remember when replacing the part

You need to know the following number of steps and details which are required for the replacement of used car door lock:

Removing the window handle

First of all, you have to familiarize yourself that the window of the car’s doors is closed. After this, use the screwdriver to remove the handle from the regulator shaft. In case if you have a manual of window handle, then you can remove it.

Removing the door panel and screws

Now you need to open the doors and keep the screwdriver along the perimeter. Now find the screws in the armrest and remove them. Now remove the speakers from the door. While removing the screws, you must be careful to break the plastic clips attached to the door.

Now remove the door panel with the help of a screwdriver. You could see the moisture shield in it and other car parts and part of the door.


Removing the electrical connections

The electrical connections and the switches of the old door lock must be disconnected. Now, disconnect the latch of the door with the help of a needle. Before disconnecting it, you must close the window to see the rod of the door lock.

Place the new lock

Now release the C-spring clips with the help of pliers and remove the faulty door lock. Now remove the door lock from the car’s front door and keep the road holder at the door lock. Now remove the door lock and ensure its exact position.

After this, you keep the new lock from the front side of the door and keep the C-spring on the new door lock of the vehicle with the help of pliers.

Final step

Now keep the plastic clips back to their position and remove the moisture shield from the doors panel. Also, place the screws removed from the armrest, keep the speakers in their place, and complete it.

Different types/generations of car door locks

There are the following types of the car door lock:

Manual lock cylinder: This type of lock has a knob-like structure that is present inside the car. It is used to push up for unlocking and pushed down for locking the vehicle.

Automatic door lock: This type of door lock works automatically with the help of a magnet or sensor. It is also present in BMW.

Remote key-less locks: This type of lock works on the frequency of radio or key fob. Sometimes owner opens the door automatically by pushing the button.

Child safety locks: Most cards have a type of door lock present in the back car door for child protection.

What are the components of a car door lock?

There are the following other parts of the car door:

  • Car door exterior: It is made of metal, just like the body of a car.
  • Car door handle: The handle is located on the exterior and interior sides of the vehicle.
  • Windows: The car doors have windows that can work manually or automatically.
  • Door hinge: At this place, the door of the car is attached.
  • Pillar: It gives support to the car windshield.
  • Door panel: It covers the window regulator and other interior parts like the window motor.
  • Interior door handle: It is used interiorly to open the door.
  • Window regulator: It is a scissor-like structure that is used for the movement of the window.
  • Door locks and speakers: Cars contain door locks for protection, and some vehicles have speakers installed in them

Identifying problems and car door lock troubleshooting

Car door lock controls the locking system of your vehicle. Sometimes, its function is not going on correctly. So, we must put a check over those parameters on which its functioning depends. Its proper functioning is disturbed by any disorder in the key fob, electrical wires, door lock actuator, and blown fuse.

To troubleshoot these issues, one must know how to fix the problems in door lock remotes. Minor problems are easy to recover, while the major ones demand replacing the door locking system.

Sometimes, a problem in the functioning of the door lock occurs due to malfunctioning in the key fob. These Key Fobs have small batteries whose power decreases with time when it is used. When the battery gets dead, replace it with the new one, and the door lock will work as normally as before. Sometimes this replacement is done with a locksmith. Wear and tear due to excessive use and falling into the water are also some other reasons behind the failure of the door lock. If there is no problem with the battery, then reprogram your fob.

Another disorder may occur due to the blowing-off in the electrical system. These blown fuses are identified due to their burnt smell. To fix this problem, disconnect the electrical supply, replace the blown fuse with the new one, and then resupply the power.

Long-term use of wires or cables may result in malfunctioning in the door lock of your vehicle. Hence, it could not perform its function properly. An automotive locksmith could easily resolve this problem. To fix this issue, replace the worn part of the cable with the new one.

One of the most important parts on which the entire functioning of the door lock depends is the actuator. As you press the button on your key fob, input is provided to your vehicle’s door only when the actuator is functioning properly. The faulty actuator could not receive the commands. This faulty actuator is identified when it takes time to respond to the command, unwanted sounds in the background, activation in door lock without any command.

Normal lifetime

The normal lifetime of a daily used appliance named a car door lock on average has an expiration time of about thirty years. However, working efficiency and period of being used is not the same for the door lock of each car. Because of this, some door locks last only 15-20 years.

Other parts to replace or fix when replacing the door lock

Make sure your vehicle door lock is working properly. As it protects your car from thieves. In case of any problem with the car locking, contact an automated locksmith to resolve it. The parts that need to be fixed while resetting your car’s central lock are the cylinder, bolt, box, and strike plate.

How to make sure you purchase the right part for your exact car

Only those trades organizations are trustworthy for exact spares of second-hand car door lock systems that openly provide their contact information. For spares of your vehicle’s remote lock system, visit Go to this website and place your order. For doing so, you need to enter the number plate of your car and mention the location where you want to receive it.

Shipment is released once you have placed your order. This delivery has no charges for those countries which are enlisted in their firm. However, other countries can also avail the offer of free delivery. A return policy is also available in case of any unwanted package.

Final Thoughts

The door lock of vehicles has great importance in the safety measures of your car. In case of any abnormality in its functioning, check all the parts on which its entire functionality depends. Use authorized websites for buying the exact parts of your car door lock.

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