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More than 40.000 cheap, used drive shafts for sale for all makes and models. Biggest shop in Europa for second hand car parts from car breakers and scrap yards. FREE SHIPPING.

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What is a driveshaft?

The driveshaft is a rotating shaft that transmits torque from the engine to the wheels. It is a component of a car's drivetrain as it is connected to the engine at one end and the wheels at the other. The driveshaft is supported by bearings, which allow it to rotate freely. When the engine is running, it turns the driveshaft, which in turn rotates the wheels.



A drive shaft, or axle is the shaft that transmits the power from the car’s engine to the wheels. Most cars have only one drive shaft, but a four-wheel drive car (4WD) has 2 axles.

The drive shaft is an important part of the car’s mechanics, but it is also subject to a lot of wear. Drive shafts can easily wear out and in general, almost always the best solution is to replace it.


Checking the car’s drive shaft

Over time, the car’s drive shaft will wear out, and at worst, a defective drive shaft may damage the other parts of the car if the defect is not detected and mended in time. In practice, this means that it is usually a good idea to replace the drive shaft if serious evidence of wear is detected. A car with defective parts is not only a potential extra bill awaiting, but it also poses a threat to your own safety and the safety of others.

You could check for yourself that the drive shaft of your car is in good working condition. A drive shaft is made of steel, so it should preferably have a matte and smooth surface. This means no rust stains and if there are discolorations, make sure they can be wiped off for them to disappear.


Symptoms of poor drive shaft

You will often be able to notice that the drive shaft is overloaded before it breaks seriously. Especially when you are driving you will be able to feel it, and the symptoms will often get stronger at increased speed.

The most common symptom of a loaded drive shaft can be felt as extra shaking, which gets worse with the increasing speed of the car. In addition, the car’s turning abilities may also be impaired and metallic noise may occur as you turn. The metallic noise is especially noticeable if the outer joint is damaged. If the inner joint is damaged, you will experience resonant vibration in the floor.

It can be difficult to conclude if the drive shaft is too loaded, as there may be even other reasons for the problems. However, if you experience the symptoms of a damaged drive shaft, then it is useful to check if there are any play in the parts. This can be done by tugging the shaft at the joint. You should not feel any play, but if you can, it is a sign of a bad drive shaft.


Should the drive shaft be repaired or replaced?

If you experience symptoms of a defective driving shaft, it is worth considering whether it should be replaced. For example, if it is just a damaged axle cuff, it can often be worthwhile to repair it with a universal axle cuff. In case of severe wear and failure such as a skewed shaft, a replacement of the shaft may be needed instead.

It is difficult to come up with a specific price for the replacement of an axle, as it depends on the make and model of the car, but generally it is not cheap to repair. However, you can make it cheaper by choosing a used spare part instead.


Purchase of new drive shaft

Buying a new drive shaft can be tricky, because you quickly encounter concepts such as gear diameter joints, wheel side joints and racking on the abs-ring, when buying and selling drive shafts.

A mechanic can often help you find the right drive shaft for your car, but it is of course something that comes at a cost. In addition, you should also be aware that a drive shaft most often costly, but you can make it cheaper and easier for yourself by buying a used one.


Purchase of used drive shaft

If you are experiencing drive shaft problems, visit Aurtoparts24, where you can find used spare parts. Simply enter the registration number of your car and you will then be able to see all available spare parts for the car.

All Autoparts24 spare parts are thoroughly checked, so you can be sure of getting a good quality drive shaft that can last for many years. In other words, you get a drive shaft at a cheaper price without compromising on quality. You can also find other parts such as universal joints or drive shaft clamps.

A damaged towing axle is both dangerous and problematic for your car. By choosing a used spare part, you can replace your drive shaft at a better price. It is also possible to change the towing shaft yourself – but you need to know that it is not easy.


FAQ on Drive shaft or axle

If you have questions about drive shaft and axles, you can find answers to the most common questions. We have gathered all the answers below.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer all questions, but hopefully we can help you with your specific question. Otherwise, we suggest you contact your local mechanic. He should be able to help you with the more technical questions.


How to change the drive shaft cuff?

To mount a drive shaft cuff, first remove the front wheel. Then loosen the centre nut on the drive shaft so that the support bearing can be loosened. Next, pull the support arm downward to release the front shock. When the front shock is freed, you can remove the drive shaft from the hub and cut off the old cuff, then install the new one and put the heading back on.


What is a drive shaft?

The drive shaft is also called the axle. It is the part of the car that transmits power from the car’s engine to the car’s wheels.


What is an axle?

An axle is also called a drive shaft and is the part of the car that transmits the power from the car’s engine to the car’s wheels.


How does a defective drive shaft sound?

A defective drive shaft will often sound like metallic noise when turning the car. There may also be other signs such as the steering making rustling sounds.


What is a universal joint?

The universal joint is the part of the drive shaft that transmits the torque to the car’s wheels.


Is there a difference between drive shaft and an axle?

No – there is no difference between drive shaft and axle. The words describe the same spare part.


What is a CV joint?

A CV joint is also called a cantilever or a cardan shaft and is the part of the drive shaft which transmits the torque to the rotating wheel.

Spare parts for sale of type by car brands

Our more than 120 car chippers now have more than 62458 pieces of the type for sale on Autoparts24 and here you can see how the used car parts are distributed for each car brand. E.g. you can see that there are 12387 pcs. for sale right now of the VW brand, which is equivalent to 20 % of all used spare parts in the category.

Sold spare parts of the type by car makes

Based on our insight into more than 120 car chippers warehouses, we can see how the sales of spare parts of the type of rearview mirror are distributed among the car brands. E.g. you see that 0 pieces have been sold of the 17534 , which corresponds to 0 % of all used spare parts sold in the category 17

Prices on spare parts of the type

Here you can see how our car chipper sets the price of a spare part with the OEM number . So you have the opportunity to get an impression of the price of a spare part with OEM number , and thus become wiser about which car parts are cheap and expensive respectively. The average price of a spare part with OEM for sale on Autoparts24 is 810 EUR.

Prices of sold spare parts of the type

Here you can see the price of the spare parts of the type that our car breakers sell. I.e. you can estimate whether most parts are being sold at the cheap end or the expensive end of the scale. Compared to the graph above, showing the offer price of the spare parts, you can evaluate the relationship between supply and demand for the auto spare parts of the type sbr />
The average price of a spare part of the type from one of our car chippers on Autoparts24 is 668 EUR

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