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10 most frequently purchased car parts from car breakers/junkyard

Many people prefer to go with the cheaper option and source auto parts from junkyards when a car breaks down. This is entirely normal and ends up saving the car owner some money – and in addition is good for the environment to recycle parts.

At Autoparts24 we have more than 3.5 million car parts for sale from more than 100 different car breakers, which we sell online in most parts of the world. That’s why we dare to give our opinion on which car parts are generally sold the most by car breakers.

Junkyards generally sell the most parts that are characterised by a longer lifetime, higher new price and that do not wear or lose value as quickly as e.g. spark plugs, wiper blades, oil filters and brake pads.

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Top 10 of the most popular auto parts acquired from junkyards

1. Rear light and front light

As you would know, the headlights are some of the most valuable parts and accessories of a vehicle. Headlights are located at the front of the car and the taillights at the rear. These two enable the driver to see during the night and in foggy condition. Furthermore, the taillights will allow the driver to be seen by other drivers on the road.

However, nighttime driving reduces the lifespan of these lights. This process is aggravated when the driver is occasioned to drive on rough roads.

Experts advise that the headlights should undergo replacement every 5-7 years. If you have non-functioning taillights or headlights, do not wait this long. Get a replacement done immediately.

2. Engine

The engine is the primary source of power for your vehicle. It uses the fuel injected and burns it to produce energy. Consequently, this heat produced by the combustion creates pressure that is then used to drive the mechanical device, in this case, your vehicle.

Engines are among the most highly sought after auto parts from car breakers, both online and otherwise. It is widely known that the engine is the most expensive car part to replace should it fail. That is why it is essential to have a good source of used car parts like

3. Catalytic converters

The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device. This car part turns the pollutants and toxic gases found in the exhaust gas from highly toxic to less harmful products. This process is done by catalyzing a redox reaction.

A vehicle can function without this car part because it will not affect any process that may prevent your car from starting. However, it is always advisable to have catalytic converters because they are suitable for the environment.

Nonetheless, when you notice that your car has a reduced acceleration, slow engine performance, or a cloud of dark exhaust smoke. Have the catalytic convertor checked or replaced.

When going in for auto parts and accessories replacements such as catalytic converters, ensure you get original products.

4. Front Grid/Grill

Also known as the radiator grille, the front grid has a crucial role in vehicles. It allows cool air to flow into the hood and cool off many parts that may have heated up due to friction. However, it mainly cools off the radiator.

If this component is not present for one reason or another, a vehicle runs the risk of overheating, not to mention your engine will be exposed to debris.

Also, due to transport laws that may prohibit driving without the front grid, if you need to replace it, place your order on an online car breaker, and your product will be shipped to your address.

5. Driveshaft

A drive shaft is a car part, also known as a drive train system. It helps to power up the engine as you drive across any terrain. The drive shaft’s function is to transfer engine rotation and torque into the vehicle when you shift into drive.

It is also relatively easy to know you have a faulty driveshaft. When you hear intense vibrations and shuddering, then you might want to have it checked out. When you have a vibrating drive shaft, this can cause other drive train components to wear out intensely.

As a quick reminder, remember to source parts online and not from a local car breaker.

6. Injection computer box/Engine control units

The computer box is a crucial part of the vehicle’s brain. It is also referred to as the electronic computer unit (ECU). It ensures that the car is running smoothly and more efficiently.

Most computer boxes control ignition, fuel, and many other systems and can read many sensors in your vehicle. Furthermore, computer boxes send error signals and warnings to inform you that something is wrong. This helps to avoid any disasters that may otherwise occur.


7. Dashboards

The dashboard is sometimes referred to as the instrument panel. It is a control panel located within the central console of a car. Typically, it is located directly ahead of the driver and displays controls and instrumentation for the car’s operation.

The dashboard normally displays the fuel gauge, battery charge, speedometer, and more. It is the main communication channel between the driver and the car.

If the dashboard is entirely dark, or the lights are dim or flickering, it could signify deeper electrical problems, and you may have to buy a complete dashboard.

8. Door locks and handles

Door handles and locks are some of the most forgotten parts and accessories. Many people do not remember how often they use these auto parts. The repeated use of manual entry will cause a door lock to break down or wear out.

It is often easy to miss door locks and handles compatible with your car’s make and model in a junkyard. Nonetheless, it would be best to replace them when you notice the key goes in and will not turn.

9. Screen wiper engines

The front screen wiper engine’s purpose is to power up the windshield wipers. As it spins, it has a mechanism that is engineered to rotate a worm gear, arm, and windscreen wiper blades.

Consequently, the wiper blades then rid the windscreen of dust, water, snow, and any other form of debris.

The screen wiper engine, just like any other component, is subject to wear. Therefore, if you notice your wiper blades are slower than usual or one arm is not moving synchronously with the other arm, you have to check it for signs of damage.

10. ABS pump

ABS is an abbreviation for an anti-locking braking system. It is a system that is designed to keep you from locking up your brakes and placing too much pressure on your braking system that the axle and wheels may stop turning entirely.

It is now among the standard safety auto parts in all vehicles that prevent the wheels from locking when you engage the brakes.

Common signs of a faulty ABS include:

  • A glowing ABS warning light.
  • The brake pedals fail to respond.
  • Speedometer failure.


Your ABS module needs to be fixed immediately if you notice any of the above indicators.

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This makes it easier for you to compare prices and buy car parts directly from each car dismantler.

Everything is done online, and you get the spare part delivered directly to your door without having to visit the local car dismantler.

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