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Used front light from car breakers

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You need to have your headlights functioning properly, because what is the point in having a perfect braking system, if you do not see where you are driving, and no one can see that you are driving?

Okay, no more moralizing now – the article here gives you insights on how your headlights work, what parts they are made up of, how to keep them functioning – and at what prices.

Socket, reflection and light bulb

Your headlights are made up of three components. The socket, light bulbs and a  dish; reflective part (s) that amplify the light and clarify the direction of the light so that your lights do not bother other drivers and to give you the best light to orient in.

Different types

The variety of the different types of lamps do not matter much, other than for the difficulty of setting them correctly. Some lamps, such as FF-H4, require computer software before they are set correct in relation to brightness control, among other things.

Other lamps, like the classic parabolic lamps, you can manually set yourself if you know exactly what you are doing.

Common to all these types of headlights is, as already said, that they use a reflection system to enhance and clarify the light from the bulb.

Safety on the road

The fine for driving with non-functioning headlights is in accordance with the Danish traffic regulations of 135 EUR. Consequently, the replacement of the entire headlight would be possible for almost the same amount if you buy used spare parts.

It may be a good idea to check the performance of your lights a couple of times a year – and if you have the opportunity, always notify other drivers if their lights are out of order.

You can find more knowledge about traffic rules in your country regarding your vehicle’s headlights on the internet.


If your headlights have become misty by the sun and with moisture, your mechanic can renovate them at a price between 70 to 95 EUR.

You can also renovate the lamps yourself, but it requires that you sand them down and repaint them with the right product, so that the damage does not occur again within short.

You can also refurbish the reflection panels but be sure to clean them with damp material so that you do not scratch and destroy the mirrors.

The car’s power circuit

If you replace both socket and bulbs and your headlights unfortunately still do not work, there may be a problem with your car’s power circuit

In that case, your dashboard will usually tell you that the circuit is not working properly. For safety reasons, contact to your mechanic if you can’t get the lights working or if they turn on and off automatically.

We’ve put together list of questions at the bottom of the article if you haven’t yet found the answer you were looking for to your questions.

What is a headlight?

There are several different types of headlamps, but in general they consist of a socket, a bulb and one or more components that amplify and focus the lighting from the bulb.

When to replace a headlight?

– Bulb replacement:

Normally, a distinction is made between halogen (burning from 450-1000 hours lifetime) and HID bulbs (2-3,000 hours lifetime).

If your car uses HID bulbs, they may not ever need to be replaced due to wear. Headlight bulbs are available for sale as well online, as at your workshop and at service stations.


– Replacement of socket:

If you have tried to change bulbs but the lights for your headlights still do not work, it may mean that the socket also needs to be replaced.


– Replacement of reflective dish:

In most headlights, the light is amplified and focused using a satellite/reflective dish – some glossy steel or plastic mirrors.

If it is frosted or burnt and you cannot renovate it, it must be replaced.

If you do not comply with the traffic regulations for the brightness of your headlights, it may for instance in Denmark result in a fine of EUR 135 if the dish is too worn and the light is too weak. Moreover, working headlights is a major security concern.

How much does a new headlight cost?

The different parts for your headlights cost between 40 to 70 EUR if you buy the items used. From new the price is between 80 to 135 EUR. You can also find used fog lights on autoparts24.

Autoparts24 always sells original car parts, and like most of our spare parts, the headlights come from authorized car dismantlers in Germany.

We guarantee that the quality to comply with your mechanic’s standard and we offer 2 years of right to claim.




How do I find the right headlight for my car?

You can find the right part via your license plate or original part number at

Enter the number in the search box and the page will show you all available spare parts for your vehicle on an indicative list. You can set the search according to which part you are looking for.

Also, the part number is usually engraved or marked on the part itself, and your car manual can sometimes help you as well.

How much does headlight replacement cost?

Replacing headlights is not a time-consuming process and most mechanics will be able to help you at a price between 40 to 135 EUR (excluding spare parts).

If you buy used spare parts for your headlights at autoparts24, you can find a new headlight and socket at prices between 95 and 135 EUR DKK in total, and the replacement is simple enough to be done on your own.

You can find a guide for setting headlights with manual height adjustment at (this is in Danish, but you will probably also find a similar guide in various languages)

A good advice: even if the mounting itself is straightforward, you should have your mechanic do the brightness adjustment if you can’t find the right setting on your own (among other things, FF lamps require help from computer software to be set perfectly).

The mechanic also knows exactly whether the interplay of headlights, fog lights and flashes do in fact interacts with the color of your light displays.

Tools needed to change the headlamp

To remove the headlamp’s outer plastic part, use bits that fit the screws holding the part – and in some cases, a ratchet wrench is could be useful if the screws are hard to access.

The same goes for socket and dish. Finally, be sure to disconnect the power supply from your vehicle before replacing parts for the headlights.

Spare parts for sale of type by car brands

Our more than 120 car chippers now have more than 8083 pieces of the type for sale on Autoparts24 and here you can see how the used car parts are distributed for each car brand. E.g. you can see that there are 1498 pcs. for sale right now of the FORD brand, which is equivalent to 19 % of all used spare parts in the category.

Sold spare parts of the type by car makes

Based on our insight into more than 120 car chippers warehouses, we can see how the sales of spare parts of the type of rearview mirror are distributed among the car brands. E.g. you see that 0 pieces have been sold of the 26133 , which corresponds to 0 % of all used spare parts sold in the category 18

Prices for spare parts of type

Here you can see how our car chipper sets the price of a spare part with the OEM number . So you have the opportunity to get an impression of the price of a spare part with OEM number , and thus become wiser about which car parts are cheap and expensive respectively. The average price of a spare part with OEM for sale on Autoparts24 is 1090 EUR.

Prices of sold spare parts of the type

Here you can see the price of the spare parts of the type that our car breakers sell. I.e. you can estimate whether most parts are being sold at the cheap end or the expensive end of the scale. Compared to the graph above, showing the offer price of the spare parts, you can evaluate the relationship between supply and demand for the auto spare parts of the type sbr />
The average price of a spare part of the type from one of our car chippers on Autoparts24 is 715 EUR

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