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Used rear windscreen wiper motor from car breakers

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What is a rear windscreen wiper motor, and what does it do?

A windscreen wiper motor is an electric motor used to move the Blades of the wiper in front of the car’s mirror. This system of wiper blades clean the front mirror of the vehicle, and the rear wiper wash the car’s rear. These electric motors are the components of the cars and are involved in the movement of windscreen wipers.

The windscreen wiper motor gives power to the wiper blades. As it spins, the movement is transmitted to the gear, and finally, the arms start to move. Its main components are in the engine bay from where it sends the signal to the blades arm.

Can you replace windscreen wipers yourself?

The defective motors can create hurdles in the movement of the wiper arm. In this case, you need to replace it. If you have the basic knowledge of hand tools and determination, you can change it yourself. The replacement of the windscreen wiper motor is relatively easy. It would help if you had a wrench, screwdriver, and a ratchet set to replace the motor. You also need a replacement of motors.

The replacement process is divided into the following mechanism: removal of the motor and its installation.

Removal of the wiper motor

First of all, you open the hood and switch all battery cables.

You can find the wiper motor, which is located below the wiper cowl. You disjoin the electrical connections.

Now lose the boats for detaching of wiper arms.

Finally, remove the old ones linkage with the wiper transmission and keep it aside.

Motor installation

You need to confirm the exact model of a motor you purchased for your car.

After confirmation, you can place the motor to the wiper transmission.

Now, place back the wiper cowl, trim and arms.

Now again, create linkage for all the electrical connections with the wiper machine.

Finally, test the replaced part.

Things to know and remember when replacing the motor

First, you need to diagnose the fault with the windscreen wiper motor and return it. You must select the same tools to search screwdrivers and ratchet sets during the replacement. After that, you have to confirm the exact motor of your car. You can get it at by providing your OEM number.

During replacement, you need to remove the electrical connections carefully without harming the other parts of the car. You have to keep the trim and arms on a side to protect them from breakage. After installation, you confirm that you have connected the electrical connections at the right place.

Different generations of the motor

The car’s windscreen wiper motor is divided into different generations based on the voltage and designs. You can buy other models at

Magnetic wiper motor: Magnets are used to form windscreen wiper motors in the modern era. It is cylindrical that controls the arms of the blade more efficiently. It is the most advanced technology.

The motor contains a field wound: In case if you have an old car, such as of 70 or before 70, you will need a field coils motor instead of magnets. They are rectangular shaped.

Wiper motor of 12 and 24 voltage: Usually, these are available in 12 and 24 v options. They are different based on their voltage. You will mostly need a battery of 12 volts, which is most convenient than 24 volts. But the motor of 24 volts consumes less current in its application.

Front and rear motors: It is based on the location of the engine, which is used for the front side, and the actual motor controls the movement of real arms.

Universal wiper motors: This motor fits in different vehicles. It has more applications than other ones. Its accessories contain many other parts which you need for installation.

Components of the wiper motor

There are the following parts of the motor such as:

  • Housing: This is made of steel instead of plastic and protects it from rusting and defectiveness.
  • Magnet: It is also a vital part used in advanced engines to control the movement of arms.
  • Armature: It is a rotating center with a magnetic core. It spins and rotates the arms smoothly.
  • Brushes: They are involved in the conduction of current to the armature. Modern vehicles contain triplets of meetings for high speed and accuracy.


  • Commutator: It is located between brushes and is involved in transmitting current to the coils and making the armature rotate.
  • The motor’s gearbox: contains many other parts that control the speed of the arms. Through this path, you can slow the rate of blades according to your need. It also has many different features such as worm gear, gear wheel, parking limit, switchgear, box cover, connectors and output arm.

Identifying issues or symptoms of failure

The wiper motor activates the Windshield switch. It means that if the wiper motor of your car is working correctly, then the Windshield switch will work smoothly. Any disorder in motor’s functionality will result in improper commands received by it. Here are some of the symptoms in Windshield wiper motors:

The slower motion of wiper than average

The primary cause of its occurrence is that you may have opted high-speed setting, due to which the motor may result in failing to start. These problems may occur due to debris blockage and impurities in the wiper system. In this case, go to an auto repair shop immediately to examine it thoroughly. However, you may also consult with a professional mechanic if you don’t have basic knowledge about auto repair.

Inefficiency to park wiper correctly

If your vehicle’s blades are functioning correctly, it will result in parking your vehicle’s wipers. Otherwise, there may be some problems. If your vehicle’s wipers get stuck in the middle while functioning, then it may occur due to a breakdown in your vehicle’s motor.

Wipers sometimes stuck while working

Examine the motor, relay and wiring of your car. These will be inefficient if you notice any disruption or jamming in windshield wipers while working.

Total blockage in wiper functioning

A completely busted wiper motor may result in total blockage in the performance of Windshield wipers. Then visit a repair shop as soon as possible to detect such issues.

Humming noise

In case if you hear any vibrating or coming sound in your car, there may be some problem. Generation of such an unusual sound occurs when the motor consumes appropriate power but still has internal issues.

Troubleshooting the frequently occurring problems

Remove the back cover to access the wiper accessories to recover a motor disorder. Then follow the service manual. Disconnect the power supply for the motor and then use a voltage probe. While doing so, move the function switch to examine the proper voltage in the plug.

If no voltage is detected, check the fuse and the dash switch of your car. Now disconnect the controller from the instrument panel and check that either voltage is present in each plug or not. Check the wired functionality, too.

The wiper’s switch provides power to a relay that performs main functions. Any failure in relay functioning may occur due to burnt contacts. Now connect a voltmeter and click when activated to check its motion.

Normal lifetime

The efficiency of the rear windscreen wiper depends on the weather conditions and composition of blades. From some experts’ point of view, you must change the blades every six to twelve months.

Other parts to replace or fix when replacing the great windscreen wiper motor

Before fixing the rear windscreen wiper problem, disconnect all the electrical connections. Then remove the motor by following the service guidelines whose method varies from vehicle to vehicle when fixing the issues in the engine if possible.

While doing so, examine armature, commutator, and brushes. Replace these components if necessary. Then fix the motor gearbox. After all, this, assemble all the details and replace the motor.

How to make sure you purchase the right part for your exact car?

You can purchase the right part of the car in the range of prices at You provide your OEM number and then select broken pieces in repaired form. They have professional manufacturers. You can pay through PayPal or another credit card in all regions of the world. Their shipping prices are accessible in the UK. Their system is most efficient because they provide your order a few days after shipment.

Final Thoughts

The motor controls windscreen wipers of vehicles. They clean the front and rear sides of the car’s screen effectively. The system of windscreen wipers is most efficient and replace by yourself. These wipers will function smoothly if all the accessory components are working better. Make sure to check it regularly. It will help you to recover from minor issues at an early stage.

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