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Used cylinder heads from car breakers

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Cylinder head: what it does and how to troubleshoot and replace it

What is a cylinder head?

A cylinder head is mounted on top of the cylinder block and provides a sealed chamber for the combustion process to take place. The cylinder head also houses the valves, spark plugs, and injectors which are connected to the crankshaft.

A cylinder head is a structure that exists on the top of the cylinder for internal combustion. The Head gasket joins the cylinder head to the cylinder and forms the combustion chamber. It also contains the spaces in its head to remove filled air and remove the exhaust.

What does it do?

The cylinder head closes the combustion chamber from the upper part of the engine while the lower part of the engine is called the engine block. The head gasket occupies the space between the engine and cylinder head. The cylinder head also has an essential function in the lubrication of the cylinder. For the proper operation of the engine, the cylinder must be lubricated correctly. Therefore, the cylinder head is considered a crucial part of the engine.

How to Replace a Cylinder Head?

A cylinder head replacement is not an easy process, but if you know automation, you can replace it easily at home. Following things are needed for the replacement of the cylinder head:

Step#1: Removal

First of all, you have to raise the front of the car with the help of Jack stands and then remove the left-sided wheel from the show. You also lose the v belt and the timing belt. You also remove the air cleaner and sensors which are attached to the cylinder head. After this, both fuel lines must be unbolted. Trench out the radiator and remove its hoses. Now you remove the spark plug fire to access the engine head. Now remove the bolts and then the engine head.

Step#2: Preparation

Before replacing the cylinder head, a scrubbing pad is used for the cleaning purpose to remove the grease from the surface. In brake cleaner, It is used with rag soaked. To confirm the proper place of valves, you must align the cam gear as on manual. The locking tool will hold it and then align the mark on the block to mark the crankshaft.

Step#3: Head Gasket

You will need to add a new cylinder gasket before replacing the cylinder head. It must be ensured that the gasket is attached to the correct position on the cylinder.

Step#4: New Cylinder head

Now you can replace the engine head and then fix it with bolts in the correct position. After this, now reattach all elements of the engine in reverse order as you disconnected before. Before removing the Jack stands, you must ensure that all connections are placed tightly.

Different types of Cylinder head

Different types of cylinder heads are based on valves and ports. Such as:

Loop flow type

Offset crossflow type

Inline crossflow type

In Loop flow type, the inlet and exhaust are located parallel to each other. In offset crossflow, the inlet and exhaust are present inclined to each other. At the same time, inline crossflow type, both valves of inlet and exhaust are located opposite each other. This type shows better performance.

How is a Cylinder head built?

In earlier times, cast iron was used to prepare the cylinder head, but now Al alloy is used to reduce the weight and improve the thermal conductivity. An alternative alloy of 4.5% silicon, 0.5% magnesium, and 0.5% manganese is used to prepare the cylinder head, enhancing its resistance against corrosion for an extended period. But heavy appliances such as train engines and Marine engines still used cast iron in their manufacture.

Furthermore, now the cylinder head is kept on top of the engines and fixed with the help of bolts. Head gasket joints the cylinder head with engines. It also contains many other essential parts such as valve guides, water jackets, and ports that give lubrication and cooling.

Different subparts or components

Inlet and exhaust ducts: The air fuel mixture enters the cylinder through inlet ducts while exhaust gas is released through the exhaust duct.

Inlet and exhaust valve: in this component, the vehicles get air with the help of the inlet, and exhaust valve and exhaust gases are automatically released to the exhaust system.

Camshafts: The opening and closing of valves are controlled by the camshaft. It works based on the timing chain.

Injectors: injection of fuel in the combustion chamber is done through injectors.

Glow plugs: They help in starting the cooling process.

Identifying issues or symptoms of failure/problems

The most common problems related to diesel engine cylinder heads are overheating or high temperature, poor engine efficiency, low level of engine coolant, and smoke expelled by the exhaust.

Frequently occurring issues with the part (troubleshooting)

One of the most common issues related to diesel engine cylinder heads is overheating. This high temperature is caused by an increase in pressure generated inside the engine. To prevent this problem, make sure your radiator is complete and is in a suitable condition. Another problem related to disorder in the cylinder head is the poor efficiency of the engine. This problem may occur due to cracking in the engine cylinder head. If you did not notice it, your vehicle might require to restart frequently.

The cracked cylindrical head may also cause oil leakage from the car. Examine your engine to find any cracks, if there are any, in the cylinder head. Leakage may occur due to a low level of engine coolant. The cylinder head could identify this leakage as it may get cracked and may cause prolonged disorders.

Another indicator about cracked cylinder head is intense smoke expelling out from is the exhaust pipe. Resolve this issue to prevent any damage to the engine.

Normal lifetime

An engine with more cylinders will last longer. Mileage calculates how long an engine will last. A 4-cylinder the head can last for almost two lac miles distance without any concern with the year. Most of the cylinder heads usually last for about 50,000 miles before it needs to be replaced.

Other parts to replace or fix when replacing the cylinder head

It is essential to replace other parts (spark plug, its wires and ignition coils) when replacing the cylinder head. The most prominent problems behind replacing or repairing cylinder heads could be cracked heads and leakage in the valve. The best way to fix a cylinder head problem is to have the cylinder head professionally repaired or replaced.

How to make sure you purchase the right part for your exact car

That marketplace is suitable to visit if it displays its contact information and trust symbol prominently. Visit to find the exact part of yoyr car. For placing your order, you have to enter the number plate of your vehicle and then select the correct amount you want to purchase. After choosing parts, you can pay through a variety of channels like PayPal and credit cart. However, bank transaction is not accepted at all. Once you have placed your order, the shipment will be released to the mentioned location.

This shipment is free for you only when your country is enlisted in the criteria of that organization. You can still have an offer to get this shipment free of cost if your country’s name is not on the list. Return policy is also there if you will not receive your required order. In that case, you will have to make an account on their site. So, they can contact you for recovery.

Final Thoughts

Cylinder head is one of the most important part of car which is present on combustion engine and jointed by head gasket. It can be replaced at home if you have basic knowledge of automation. You have to remove old cylinder and put new cylinder in its place. It is made by Al alloy for better thermal conductivity. If you will find any problem in your cylinder head, try to recover it in the beginning, otherwise it may result in huge disorder in your vehicle’s cylinder head.

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