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Autoverwertung: Teile vom Schrottplatz im Preisvergleich

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What is a car breaker/scrapyard?

A car breaker is a person or business that buys salvage cars and strips them down for parts to sell. They may also repair certain parts of the car before dismantling it.

Car breakers can be found in most areas of the world, as they are fairly common in most countries. There are some countries where car breakers have been around for many years and are more developed than others.

The concept has several names like junkyards, scrapyards, breakers yard, car salvage and auto salvage but in general they all cover the same purpose of re- and upcycling car parts and scrapping old cars.

In addition to price, over the past 10 years or so a new argument has emerged for buying used spare parts. It’s about recycling car parts and the whole movement towards the circular economy

Main purpose of car breakers

The main purpose of a car breaker is to buy broken cars from people who want them taken away from their property and fixed up so they can be sold again. This is done for several reasons, such as:

  • To make money – Car breakers make money by buying a damaged vehicle for less than its value and then selling it for more than what they paid for it.
  • To get rid of junk – People who do not want an old clunker sitting outside their house anymore will often sell it to a car breaker so it will be removed from their property.
  • To recycle – The parts on a junked car can be recycled into new ones which can be sold to individuals or companies in need of spare parts for their vehicles.

Car breakers purchase salvage cars from e.g. insurance companies or directly from private car owners, then dismantle the cars and sell off the parts that are still in good condition. The name comes from this process, which amounts to breaking up the car into its component parts. In some cases, car breakers repair broken parts before selling them, but often they simply collect car parts and take them to an auto parts store to be sold.

How do I find car breakers/scrapyards near me?

You can often find local auto recyclers near where you live online. There are many scrapyards spread across the country, so often it will be a few miles away.

The challenge may be that each scrap yard only has a limited stock, so you may not find exactly the part for the car model you’re looking for.

Often it can also be nice to have the choice of several versions of the same part, so you choose based on condition and price.

On a site like Autoparts24 you can easily compare car parts from more than 100 car breakers from all over Europe. That means you don’t have to rely on a limited selection from the nearest scrapyard, but instead you can search, compare and buy parts from many breakers at the same time. This gives you a wider choice and often a better price.

Why should I buy parts from a car breaker?

Car breakers are a great place to find used car parts. They have a large selection of used cars, trucks and vans that have been wrecked or totaled in an accident. The vehicles are then repaired and sold at a discounted price. If the vehicle is not repairable it will be scrapped for parts.

Car breakers also purchase junked cars from people who no longer want them or are trying to get rid of them for some reason. They then repair those vehicles and resell them as well.

When you buy from a breaker, you can usually get good deals on parts because they are cheaper than new ones. You also get an upgrade on your vehicle by using recycled parts instead of ones that were brand new when you bought it.

At Autoparts24, we only use selected car breakers who meet high standards for the quality of spare parts and their descriptions.

The online marketplace on Autoparts24 brings together more than 100 car dealers across Europe.

What to consider when buying car parts from car breakers

When you’re looking to buy a used part, there are a few things you should consider. The first is whether or not the part was ever repaired by its previous owner. If it was, there’s a chance that the repair job wasn’t done well. This is especially true with engines and transmissions, which can be very expensive if they have problems after being repaired by an amateur.

Next, you’ll want to check out the condition of the part itself. Is it rusty? Does it look like it’s been abused? Does it have noticeable dents or scratches on it? These are all warning signs that could mean that this part isn’t safe for your vehicle’s engine or transmission. It may seem like common sense but sometimes people don’t realize how important these things are when buying parts online or at a junkyard. When shopping for used auto parts, always do your research before making any purchases!

Buying used car parts online

When you buy online, there are two things to consider: the quality of the part and whether it will fit your vehicle.

The first thing you need to know about is if the company has been around long enough for people to trust it with their money. There are plenty of sites out there that have been around for a long time and have good reviews from customers who have purchased parts from them in the past. If they’ve been around for years without any complaints then it’s likely that they’re trustworthy.

You’ll also want to check out what kind of warranty they offer on their products so that if something goes wrong with your purchase, they’ll fix it or send you another one free of charge (or at least at no charge).

The second thing you need to consider is whether or not their products will actually fit your vehicle. You don’t want to spend hours looking for an item only to find out that it doesn’t fit right.

Right now, there are more than 4 million used parts for sale on Autoparts24, making the marketplace one of the largest in Europe for second hand auto parts. Autoparts24 is particularly strong in the sale of engines and gearboxes directly from car dismantlers.

Autoparts24 is changing the market for used car parts

Autoparts24 is the largest marketplace for used car parts. We comprise more than 100 used car parts suppliers across Europe and we are the largest market in used parts for cars.

Autoparts24 is a digital marketplace passionate about used car parts, auto parts and auto recycling. Several of our employees have a long and solid background in auto salvage and in auto parts.

Why does the industry of car salvage and used car parts exist?

Today, the primary reason for buying auto parts from an used car parts supplier is financially motivated. With an overall saving of 50% of the price compared to new parts, there are often huge savings to be made for the customer. The lack of opportunities to buy new parts is another motivating factor for the purchase of used parts. Vehicle manufacturers typically produce spare parts for car models for 5 years after the launch of the car model. When this production stops, the need for used car parts for the model is naturally increased and the position of the used car parts suppliers is strong. Prospectively, the used car parts industry therefore has a solid and relevant justification.

If the cars are to be repaired cheaper and have a longer service life, the market for auto salvage and used car parts are essentially for the customers. That is why the industry exists, and we are confident that the auto salvage industry will experience much growth.

Used car parts, sustainability and circular economy

The future increase in focus on sustainability will shape the used car parts industry. The definition of sustainability is that “sustainability creates the best possible conditions for people and the environment, both now and in the future.” Autoparts24 is convinced that in the short term there will be an increased focus on the recycling of goods that are functional and can replace new items seamlessly. Advantages and disadvantages of new and used car parts. This focus will be both consumer-rooted – and politically motivated. Also in the field of auto parts.

Since 1 January, 2017, auto mechanics in France have been under obligation to offer repairs of privately owned cars and vans with used parts. This ensures easier consumer access to financial savings and the ability to recycle the huge amount of used parts in working order from the used car parts suppliers

The French law on maintenance and repair is not rooted in EU law and is therefore a purely French matter.

We also expect that the development within used car parts and auto salvage that took place in France will become part of the used car parts industry in Europe in general. However, there will be many national interests in and political views on auto salvage, environmentally protective initiatives and circular economy which will have a major impact on how fast developments in the recycling of auto parts will be.

When you look up the typical description of auto salvage on Wikipedia, the result will most likely be the following definition:

“An auto salvage yard, or an auto graveyard, is a place where cars and other motor vehicles are emptied of environmentally dangerous liquids and later disassembled into all their components. Many of these used parts are sold directly to customers over the counter but also via the internet. The parts that cannot be sold are compressed into small cubes and then sent to a scrap processing plant where they are melted down into new metal.

Auto salvage providers must be approved by the Danish Miljøordning for Biler (environmental scheme for cars). When a car is taken to an authorised auto salvage yard, a car scrapping bonus is paid out. In 2015, it amounted to DKK 1,500 after deduction of the environmental fees and scrapping costs.

The description accurately captures the general idea of the concept of auto salvage and what is considered characteristic of the industry today. The typical terminology of the business includes car scrapping bonus, scrap car, recycling, auto salvage and scrapping. Terms which naturally do not support the real possibilities and ambitions this business should have. Generally, there is great sympathy for recycling, irrespective of whether the motives for recycling are environmental or financial. In recent years, the major focus on recycling has created a new concept that brings together an understanding of the subject – the concept is known as circular economy

It is the overall ambition of Autoparts24 to digitalise and internationalise the entire auto salvage industry and to create a large and relevant supply of auto parts which can be bought and delivered easily and quickly. Regardless of where the replacement part comes from and where it is to be delivered. In other words, it should be easy to trade in auto parts.

Both auto salvage suppliers, car repair workshops in need of auto parts and car owners in need of parts for their cars buy their parts at Autoparts24.

Autoparts24, used car parts and auto recycling

Autoparts24 is the largest marketplace for used car parts. We comprise more than 100 used car parts suppliers across Europe and we are the largest market in used parts for cars.

Autoparts24 is a digital marketplace passionate about auto salvage, auto parts and auto recycling. Several of our employees have a long and solid background in auto salvage and in auto parts.

And on top of this, we are dedicated to providing customers with the largest and best supply of used parts. We also offer refurbished parts appropriate for many customers – including transmissions and car engines. Refurbished spare parts do not yet hold a distinct position in the used car parts industry and prospectively, we expect that this will have a positive development.

New used car parts suppliers regularly join the marketplace, and if you are an auto salvage supplier and want to sell your spare parts via the Autoparts24 marketplace, please feel free to contact Autoparts24 sourcing department on telephone +45 38 74 04 48.

Successful car brands in the used car parts industry

Autoparts24 offers spare parts for all makes and models of cars. Our inventory comprises more than 100 used car parts suppliers and their inventories.

The most popular car brands in the sale of used parts from the used car parts industry are:

That is why Autoparts24 is the future marketplace for the used car parts industry

Autoparts24 ensures customers the largest selection of used parts across European borders. It should always be easy, fast and safe to access and buy from the largest digital marketplace for used car parts. And always with fast delivery from reputable suppliers in the European market of used car parts suppliers.

It has not always been easy to be a customer in the auto recycling and used car parts industries. In many countries, used car parts continue to be sold in the standard analogue manner. The process is typically as follows:

  1. The customer contacts an used car parts supplier and informs them about their need.
  2. The used car parts supplier will look into the supply of auto parts in their own inventory.
  3. If the used car parts supplier does not have the auto part in their warehouse, the supplier will contact their network within the auto salvage to find the desired auto part.
  4. Once the used car parts supplier has located the desired auto part, they will contact the customer.
  5. The customer will receive the information and a quote regarding the used auto part – including the price and quality of the spare part.
  6. The customer will review the offer from the used car parts supplier and contact / inform the used car parts supplier whether he/she wishes to buy the auto part or not.
  7. If the part is bought, the used car parts supplier will contact their warehouse or the supplier in their network that has the product is available.
  8. The item is shipped to the customer who will pay the invoice from the used car parts supplier.

This way of doing business is slow for both the used car parts supplier and the buyer.

Compared to the purchase process regarding new parts – which is currently based 100% on E-commerce platforms with a very large related amount of product data available – the used car parts industry is challenged as the purchase process in particular is essentially critical to auto part customers. If products in the automotive recycling business are to compete with the market in new parts, customers must be offered a modern digital business platform.

Therefore, Autoparts24 digitalises the used car parts industry and guarantees great streamlining of the business, including both the used car parts supplier and the customer purchasing the used part. It is essential that customers experience 100% transparency throughout the purchase process and that the customer’s expectations to the part as well as the purchased auto part are met. Additionally, it is fast and easy to buy and have the used car parts delivered. Whether you buy automatic transmissions, transmissions, engines, car doors or bumpers.

That is why we give all our auto parts a grade for quality.

The most important thing for Autoparts24 is that our customers are more than happy with their purchase. And it is essential that customers’ expectation to the auto part is met.

Autoparts24 always has 2,600,000 used auto spare parts available in our shop. All of these used parts are unique, and thus all products are individually registered to have an individual registration in our database.

As the absolute biggest auto salvage marketplace in Europe, customers will experience such a large range of spare parts that it is necessary to filter the search matching the requirements and expectations of the auto part customer. And one of the new criteria offered by Autoparts24 on all spare parts is a 5-star rating system providing customers with the necessary insight into the quality of the individual auto part.

All spare parts are fully functional and can be installed in the car immediately. This is the overall prerequisite for all spare parts that can be purchased from Autoparts24.

Used car parts suppliers present the parts in many different qualities and prices, and it is often of essential interest to the customer to know this quality before purchasing, and to assess the spare part against other similar parts based on price and quality as the primary factors.


Popular categories in the used car parts industry

Across the car brands and car models, there are spare part categories that are more in demand than others. The most popular categories are:

  • Light and mirror parts
  • Transmission parts
  • Automatic transmission parts
  • Engine parts
  • Electronic auto parts
  • Steering system parts
  • Undercarriage parts
  • Brake parts
  • Bodywork parts
  • Radiator parts


Security of supply and speed of delivery are of great priority. Our customers are often missing the spare part and would like a very fast delivery. The spare part warehouses are located in several different European countries, and customers from all over the world buy from Autoparts24. These geographical factors mean that an effective way to securing delivery has been built.

Just like the used car parts supplier’s work with dismantling the spare part, cleaning the part and packaging it properly for transport, the transport itself must also be fast and efficient. Shipping is one of the primary core services we offer our customers as part of our solutions.

Quality in this part of our services is also very important and therefore, we only use standard commercial carriers such as DHL, UPS and Schenker.

As part of our delivery solution, we can offer 2 delivery options:
1. Standard delivery – delivery within 2-5 weekdays
2. Express delivery – delivery within 1-2 business days

Standard delivery is free and included in the purchase price of the spare part. Express delivery can be purchased for most auto parts.


All purchases are covered by the rules of deficiency under the Danish Sale of Goods act, including regulations relating to complaints.

In case there is an error in the order or delivery, you should notify AP24 within 8 days using the claim and return link on the web shop. The warranty only includes the purchased product, and not spare parts that are supplied free of charge. For engines, the following items are considered spare parts: Clutch, turbo, water pump and nozzles etc.

For the consumer, the complaint should be made within a reasonable time after the consumer has discovered the defect, and no later than 2 years after receipt of the item. For businesses, Autoparts24 offers a 6-month warranty.


Safety is the most important thing for us when a payment is made.
AP24 uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in our payment system. This means that data sent in connection with a credit card transaction are encrypted and therefore only a card acquirer (such as Nets or PayPal) can read these data.
The amount of your purchase will only be deducted upon dispatch. A higher amount than the one you have approved at the time of purchase can never be debited.

AP24 accepts the following means of payment:
• Paypal
• Visa/Dankort
• Visa Electron
• MasterCard
• Maestro Card

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