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Find your used sparepart via OEM number

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Find your used sparepart via OEM number

OEM number

It might be quite difficult to buy a new spare part for your own car – especially if you have not tried it previously. You can make it easier on yourself however by using a good dealer, and furthermore it is also important to understand the terms of OEM and IAM.

You can read more about these terms in this article, so be on your marks, if you want to be sure that the new spare part will fit your car.

The short version explaining the OEM number

OEM represents Original Equipment Manufacturer and is a term used for spare parts sold from the original manufacturer of a car. In other words, it goes for the spare parts you will find in new cars of a specific make. Occasionally only the short-term OE number is used.

It is a good idea to use original spare parts when repairing your car, as these spare parts are typically of high quality. You can use the OEM number of the defective part to find a replacement, because if the two spare parts have the same OEM number, you can be sure they fit your car.

Extended explanation of OEM, IAM and MPN

As previously mentioned, it is a jungle to get a grip on all the terms and concepts about spare parts. OEM is surely the most important term, but you may also meet terms as IAM and MPN.

The difference between OEM and IAM

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, while IAM stands for Independent Aftermarket Manufacturer. In other words, OEMs are the original parts, while IAM are non-original parts from other manufacturers.

IAM spare parts also have an IAM number that you can use to identify a specific spare part. IAM spare parts are typically cheaper than OEM parts, but choosing non-original parts is not necessarily an advantage.

IAM spare parts can be problematic because they can come from bad manufacturers. On the other hand, the quality may be fine, but you get a quality guarantee when you choose an OEM spare part.

What does MPN mean?

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number and is the number used by manufacturers to identify their spare parts.

Like with OEM number, you can use MPN to identify a spare part. If the OEM number of a part matches the OEM number of the same part of your car, then the part will fit 100%

Want to save money on OEM spare parts?

New OEM parts are expensive because they are of high quality. It also means that they can last for a long time, so therefore they can be a good investment.

If you want to save money on your spare parts, you may choose to buy OEM spare parts. You must bear in mind that IAM parts may vary in quality, and consequently the OEM part is a good alternative.

When you buy used spare parts, it is a good idea to use a qualified dealer, for you to be sure that a thorough quality check of the used parts has been carried out. At the same time, it also guarantees, that you in fact get the spare part you paid for.

Use Autoparts24 when you want to buy used spare parts

By using Autoparts24 when you buy used spare parts, you are ensured an important guarantee of quality. All parts have been selected by professional car dismantlers, and the parts have been thoroughly controlled prior to being put up for sale.

When you purchase with Autoparts24, all you need to know is the OEM number or det original spare part number. By entering this number in the search, you will be shown at list of all relevant spare parts fitting your car.

It is a great advantage to choose used spare parts, as you will get the spare parts much cheaper than new parts, and you will receive a part, with only minor superficial wear. The superficial wear and tear of the item has no influence of its lifetime, as it will typically last longer than an IAM spare part.


FAQ on OEM number and spare parts

We would like to hep you if you have any questions about the OEM number, and consequently we have gathered a small list of answers to questions you may have.


What is an OEM number?

OEM represents “Original Manufacturer Number”. If the spare part is an OEM, it means that it is the exact same spare part you will find in brand new cars from the manufacturer of the make. In other words, it is a sign of quality which indicates that the spare part has been approved by the manufacturer and estimated to be the best choice for the car.


Where do I find the OEM number?

You will most often be able to find the OEM number on all spare parts of the vehicle. However – be aware that it might be difficult to see the number, if the spare part is dirty, and the number might even be hidden, if the spare part is still in mounted in the car.

If you want to use the OEM number of the spare part, the best is to dismount the part, to be sure to be able to read the number correctly, as this is the number you will need to buy a new part.


Where do I find the OEM number in my car?

The easiest way is to show you where to find the OEM number in your car, – however please be aware, that it may vary for each manufacturer. If you have any problems finding the number, you may also contact your mechanic or garage and ask for their help.

Below please see some examples of where to find the OEM number on a spare part.

Why is the OE number so important?

The OE number is important, as you use it to identify fitting spare parts for your car. If the OE number of your defective spare part corresponds exactly with the OE number of the new part, you are sure that the new part will also fit your car.

The OE number is also important, as it guarantees that the quality of the spare part is approved by the original manufacturer of the car.



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