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Advantages and disadvantages of new and used car parts

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New and used car parts: These are the advantages and disadvantages

All car components are subject to constant wear and tear, or can be damaged in an accident. If a suitable spare part is then needed, the question arises whether it is more worthwhile to buy new parts or used car parts. New parts sometimes appear to be the better choice, but they are considerably more expensive. Used parts are available in large numbers, and are often reasonably priced. Find out all about the advantages and disadvantages of new and used car parts below, and where you can buy used parts cheaply.

Buy used car parts

Buying used spare parts is often a good way to get your car repaired cheaply. The price of used parts can be very reasonable, and not only for older vehicles. In addition, used car parts offer further advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

Advantages of used car parts

  • Favourable prices: Used spare parts are often much cheaper than new parts. That is why price-conscious buyers prefer used car parts. Especially do-it-yourselfers like to use used parts from car recycling and save a lot of money on repairs.
  • Large selection: Car parts as used parts are available in large numbers and in many variations. In this way, almost any car part can be found. The buyer can also determine and compare for himself which part with which mileage is best suited for his purposes.
  • Fast delivery: Unlike many new parts, used car parts can be delivered quickly. As a rule, the removed part is already on the shelf and is just waiting to be shipped. As soon as the buyer has completed the ordering process, the spare part is packed and sent off.
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  • Old Original Parts: Original used parts are available for older vehicles. Owners of classic cars can thus buy original parts for their vehicle model. The parts from the original year of construction preserve the vehicle value and are often a better fit than replicas.
  • Matching colour: Unlike new car parts, used body parts such as doors, hoods, bumpers and plastic covers are already painted. This often makes it possible to buy a matching part in the colour of the car without having to paint it.
  • Protecting the environment: Buying car parts from certified car recycling makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. By reusing used parts, no new car parts have to be produced. Old parts also do not have to be destroyed in a costly manner.

Disadvantages of buying used car parts

  • Uniform quality: When buying used car parts, not all parts have the same quality. The used parts are removed from different vehicles with different mileage in the course of car recycling. Here the buyer must compare for himself.
  • Shortened warranty: Used car parts often have a shortened warranty period or no warranty at all. Since the parts from the car recycling have already been used, the same warranty cannot be estimated for the sale as for a new part.
  • Unclear offers: Used car parts are not always listed attractively and with all the information. Then it sometimes takes longer to find the right part. However, some platforms for used car parts offer a good search function.

Buy new car parts

New car parts come fresh from the factory and have never been installed before. Such new parts are the ideal solution for many car mechanics, but are sometimes quite expensive. It is therefore not always worth buying new parts. In addition to advantages, buying new components for the car can also have disadvantages.

Advantages of new car parts

  • Constant quality: Original car parts and OEM parts from the vehicle manufacturer have a consistent quality. The new parts have not yet been in use, and consequently cannot have worn out. The fit on the car is also usually constant for all parts.
  • With warranty: Often the manufacturer or the dealer gives a warranty on newly produced car parts. If a defect occurs in the part before the end of the warranty period, the supplier provides a warranty service and replaces the component with a new one, for example.
  • Easy selection: Original vehicle parts can be selected more easily via the OEM numbers. On the part of the buyer, there is often little to consider when selecting new car parts. However, the prerequisite is that the car part is still available for the model in question.

Disadvantages when buying new car parts

  • Higher price: Newly produced car parts often command very high prices. If the parts in question are only offered by the manufacturer itself, there is also a lack of any competition that would give hope of favourable offers. New parts sometimes do not pay off for older vehicles.
  • Long delivery time: Due to delivery delays on the part of production or transport, many new parts are not always available immediately. If customers then have to wait for the right car parts, they cannot use their vehicle at all or only to a limited extent during this time.
  • Matching required: Not all car manufacturers offer new parts in different colours. Especially body parts or plastic elements are often only supplied with a primer. Then there is still cumbersome and expensive painting work to be done.

Buy suitable car parts from car recycling

If you decide to buy used car parts, you can save a lot of money and help the environment. However, there are some points to consider when buying used parts so that your purchase is not fraught with disadvantages. Among other things, it is important to select the exact spare part for your vehicle.

The shop system gives you access to numerous offers of a wide range of vehicle parts. The search for the right spare part is also made much easier here. The approach to selecting spare parts is entirely up to you. You will definitely find the right spare part for your car.

The parts search is particularly convenient when you enter the make and model of your car. After entering the data, you can choose between the individual assemblies of the vehicle. After clicking on the body group, for example, all body components for the selected model are displayed for the purpose of selection and price comparison.

In addition to searching by model and manufacturer, you can also search for suitable spare parts by entering the key numbers from the vehicle registration document. In this way, you will receive the appropriate search results for your vehicle. When selecting the part, you should note all the information on the original number, the photo shown and further information from the supplier.

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