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Top 10 of the most popular brands in second-hand autoparts

Autoparts24 is the largest market place in Europe for second-hand parts, with 3 million parts on sale every day.

The sale of second-hand parts at Autoparts24 is growing, and the first half of 2017 has seen a 25% increase over the same period last year. And we are seeing this positive development continue into the start of the second half of 2017.

Auto parts for all car brands and models imaginable are on offer at the market place, from brands such as BMW and Nissan to more rare and exotic ones such as NSU and Stanguellini. Between 80 and 90 car brands and between 2,200 and 2,500 car models are represented on the market place every single day. All for the European second-hand parts market to benefit from.

Every day, millions of parts are added to the market place at Autoparts24 by more than 100 auto breakers, who comprise the Autoparts24 network. And the many parts available for purchase on the market place have given us in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the second-hand parts market. And we would love to share this knowledge with the entire industry, whether you are a car breaker, a garage, an insurance company or a car enthusiast who loves cars and auto parts.

This is why Autoparts24 is soon launching Autoparts24 Index – a knowledge bank for the second-hand auto parts market.


Autoparts24 Index

Autoparts24 is launching Autoparts24 Index on 1 November 2017. Autoparts24 Index will be a knowledge bank for the auto industry, collecting information about the status and new developments in the second-hand parts market.

Autoparts24 Index will ensure the auto industry, and anyone with an interest in the second-hand parts market in Europe, the opportunity to follow all the developments in the European market. With Autoparts24 Index, you can stay updated about the stock of second-hand parts for all the car brands and models as well as gain access to statistics relevant to the market.

All this created through the many millions of second-hand parts that form the largest market place in Europe – Autoparts24.


As a teaser to Autoparts24 Index, we now present you with Top 10 car brands whose second-hand parts are the most sought after and Top 10 car brands that offer the most parts.

All data are generated from the activities on the largest market place in Europe – Autoparts24. 

Place Most Sold Most for Sale
1 VW VW (1)
2 Volvo Audi (5)
3 Toyota Volvo (2)
4 Ford Ford (4)
5 Audi Toyota (3)
6 Mercedes-Benz Peugeot (10)
7 Nissan Opel (14)
8 BMW BMW (8)
9 Hyundai Mercedes-Benz (6)
10 Peugeot Renault (12)


The number in the brackets under Most for Sale is the ranking in the Most Sold list.

VW dominates the supply as well as the demand in the second-hand parts market. Audi and Mercedes-Benz are popular brands, although the stocks for these brands are lower.

In the next newsletter, we will focus on the most popular categories in the second-hand parts market across car brands and models.

Enjoy the last of the summer of 2017.


All the best from the entire Autoparts24 Team

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